Seitz Valve


German Seitz Official Branch in Iran

Swiss Seitz Company, with more than 50 years of experience, is a leading company in the production of high-pressure solenoid valves in CNG fuel stations around the world.

TGP Company is Seitz exclusive representative in Iran. It is ready to supply and install the items and to service in all the fuel stations throughout the country.

ProValve Single

A set of explosion-proof Provalve Single and bobbin valves

Provalve Multi (Sequence block)

A set including 3 or 6 solenoid valve accompanied with check valve which can be designed with 3 40-micorn filters.


Using these valves instead of Provalve single, Pneumatic systems and blocks of other brands has several advantages including:

  1. highest efficiency due to high speed and accuracy at the time of fueling
  2. Proper and safe performance in all modes of installation
  3. easy and inexpensive maintenance and repair which only includes replacing packing and filtering
  4. steel body which is resistant against corrosion, is watertight, and minimizes gas loss
  5. minimization of the possibility of human error resulted from its high security and accuracy
  6. fast connection and disconnection system and, as a result, high accuracy and safety
  7. high technology, less failure, and more endurance
  8. having changeable filters to prevent nozzle corrosion
  9. occupancy of east amount of space and least number of tubes and joints
  10. capability of being easily and quickly replaced, installed, and assembled
  11. holder of ATEX explosion-proof certificates

After sale services: Because the TGP Company has branches in many cities and town in the country and it has experienced technicians in more than 15 provinces of the country, the services will be provided very fast.

  • Delivering, installing, and operating the equipment on site;
  • One year of warranty: The valves that have been installed in many fuel station around the country have had no failure and needed no repair but the replacement of the packing and filtering;
  • Equipment parts: packing and filters are supplied as soon as possible.