Director’s message


It is about a decade that Tarh Gostar Pouyesh is active in its business and during the last years, structural changes and recruitment of new personnel were done to achieve the executive capacity, high performance, and obtain an optimum profitability, considering all the staff and shareholders’ rights.
Today, it can be said that TGP, by having a great support of its executive experience, managerial knowledge, and the treasure of skilled, compassionate and experience human sources as well as enough investment, can claim to have a high status in design, engineering, maintenance and repair, and operating CNG stations and implementing industrial projects, with the help of God.
Our current consumers are municipalities, beneficiaries, and general directors of various regions of the country.
In competitive atmosphere, we will be successful when we induce the high quality of technical service, prevent dangers, remove insecurities, inform the costumer about the equipment, and use creativity and innovation while keeping past attainments and updating them in accordance to the latest changes in the world.
It seems that CNG industry is, unfortunately, taking steps to be annihilated. In this way, it is really hard to bind contracts of project execution in the real existing path. Thus, if the issue of branding is done properly and without negative comments, the industry can be fruitful.
TGP, for the purpose of providing security in its activity and removing dependency, chose a different path to generate energy and help people of the country. This path will lead to success with the proper aids coming from the collaborators the company is working with.

Hosein Eidi
Managing Director
20 Aug. 2016