CHP a new way to generate green energy

CHP a new way to generate green energy

Diffuse generation of power brings about lots of technological and economic benefits for the country. Thus, policy making to supply power in the power consuming region for the purpose of decentralization of power plants, improvement of grid reliability and boosting efficiency has been planned and administered during the last decade under the name of “development plan of diffuse generation”. Also, downsizing finance scale on diffuse power generation and short-term return on investment have made the plan attractive and ready for private sectors’ productive business.

From about 20000 megawatt increase in predicted capacity of power generation in the country, 5000 megawatt is devoted to the small-sized diffuse generators of CHP. Despite the abundant governmental encouragement during the last 8 years, only 10% of the planned capacity has been executed and operated on behalf of active private sectors in industry. The reasons for the slow progress are the troubles in budgeting and the limited local and native technical and executive capabilities of the companies in the country including the technical service providers and supporting companies.

The structural and technical service similarity between gas-fired generators and gas reciprocating compressors as well as the increasing demand of the country for this sector were incentives for Tarh Gostar Poyesh Company to train technicians and engineers, to carry out technical and executive researches, and to find financing resources since 1392.

In the first phase of the company plan, construction and operation of a CHP power plant with 6 megawatt capacity in Agh Ghala Town located in Glestan Province, Iran, is intended as a pilot plan. After successfully operating this power plant, investment on construction and serial operation of small sized plants are considered.

Various services related to the equipment including supply of the equipment parts, their installment and initiation as well as operating and maintenance of gas-fired generators and small-sized generators packages throughout the country are a number of services provided by Tarh Gostar Pouyesh Company to the private and public sectors.