Certificates and standards

ISO / TS 29001

In this standard, the products of oil, gas, and petrochemicals according to the international management systems ISO/TS 29001 are controlled, assessed, and produced.

ISO 14001

The goal of this standard is to increase the organization knowledge in regard to the environment and to hold the necessary training courses and to improve production methods based on the following items:

  • Considering the environmental aspect in production and in providing services
  • decreasing the expenditure resulted from the loss of materials and energy
  • using natural resources
  • teaching environmental issues to the people of the region

OHSAS 18001

The aim of this standard is to protect and improve staff and other beneficiary parties’ health by educating and boosting their knowledge about how to protect themselves and others while working at factories and workshops.

The organization CEO is active in this area with his emphasis on training and safety maneuvers as well as occupational health.

ISO 9001

The aim of this standard is to increasingly and continuously improve the quality of the organization’s products in order to response the customers’ needs.

Accordingly, providing after sale services and responding to the customers is actively followed in the organization.

The following items are emphasized in the organization:

  • specialty training of the staff, suppliers and the contractors
  • working environment cleanness and order
  • registering technical knowledge in design phases
  • considering the scope of supply chain


The organization by combining its managerial programs in management standard template of *ISO/ TS 29001* ISO 14001* and * OHSAS 18001* ISO 9001*, finally, succeeded to implement the integrated system and it hopes to present safe and high quality products in compliance with environment.