The company background

Tarh Gostar Pouyesh, aiming at creating the most prominent board of technical engineers in CNG industry, was established by a number of leading and experienced engineers and managers. Five years of CNG technology domestication experience in Iran in the form of national fuel station construction projects and the industry’s fast development outlook gave an impetus to the company’s heads to equip the company with the profession’s specialty technical teams. The stipulated issues in the company’s memorandum were technology preparation, development and transfer and industrial equipment manufacture and production as well as managing projects of quality optimization, contract supervision, and business service.

The start of the company was coincided with a shift in the CNG stations’ equipment supply from domesticated equipment to imported one by the defense ministry boards. TGP’s agenda at its start was widely influenced by the shift. Despite the company was prepared and equipped for the project design and technology preparation and project execution, it was lured into the technical service area of CNG station industry, due to the high market demand. This company’s shift caused the company to, within a few years, turn into a big technical and engineering servicing company while it managed to preserve and improve its engineering and technological capacity. Accessing engineering knowledge was the basis of equipment design and the managerial experience as well as industry’s fundamentals recognition helped the fast development of the Tarh Gostar Poyesh Company in the area of technical service, maintenance and repair, operation, manufacturing and production of the spare parts, design, and supply and execute industrial and facility plans. On the other hand, the company’s commitment to the professional ethics in its relation with the employers and customers as well as the personnel and business partners is a reason for the company’s fame in industry, especially among employers of oil ministry and municipalities of 15 provinces.

About us

The Company’s activities are in the area of energy and fuel technology, service, and economy. The company has bound more than 250 contracts of technical service, engineering, and business. In the area of CNG stations service, the company is one of the top authorized CNG station operating companies, because of the high number of its station execution and the high performance quality of its projects. Also, it is one of the most active companies in CNG station’s equipment maintenance and repair area. This company is organizing and developing itself to turn into a country well-known brand of fuel distribution, which is a future necessity of the fuel industry.

Staffing of about 210 personnel and more than 40 contracted staff in 15 provinces of the country is among the important advantages of this company.

The collection of the skilled and experienced technical staff and engineers who are also very committed to their job and loyal to the company besides qualified and knowledgeable managers is the main factor which has promoted and will promote the comprehensive and fast development of the company.

Controlling about 400 milliard Rials turnover annually, accessing to financial and credential resources along with financial and taxation transparency have removed many limitations of entering into high volume contracts.

The large storage of spare parts, the equipped workshop and industrial infrastructure, accessing widely to industrial and manufacturing specialty service units, strong collaboration with research and educational centers in order to provide scientific basis for our competent specialty staff, specialty technical connection with the dozens European, American, and Asian technological companies in various areas and complete mastery of managerial team on English and German languages, implementation of quality managerial principles in ISO 9001, the presence of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, material and metallurgy engineers, strategic engineers, and financial manager in the managerial team, as well as the loyalty to company index of  about 100% for the personnel are among the company’s special advantages.


Tarh Gostar Pouyesh Company has so far improved service quality and won the customers approval, preserved public wealth and company and shareholders’ capital, followed the legal obligations and other related duties, decreased the health risks and increased safety, and considered environmental factors. It is also determinant to work efficiently and fruitfully and commit to the strategic goals of the organization by establishing, executing, maintaining, and improving management system in different activities and services, based on standard systems of quality management ISO 9001: 2008, environmental management based on ISO 14001: 2004, safety and professional health management system OHSAS 18001:2007 and health, safety and environment MS: 1994 HSE.

Goals, missions, and values

  • Identification and responding to the supervising organization, employer and municipalities’ needs and expectations in order to win their favor;
  • educating and training personnel and making the beds for their collaboration and winning their approval;
  • creating a safe, clean and happy environment in the organization in order to providing health and security for the human resources;
  • creating a periodical control system for the equipment for their technical inspection and checklist analysis in order to eliminate their stops and minimize the service needed time period.

Plans in the pipeline

  • infrastructure development of supplying and repairing heavy mechanical and electrical oil and gas rotating equipment;
  • market development of fixed oil and gas equipment as well as production plants of Pars technic workshop;
  • providing technical service for the medium mechanical and electrical installations of oil and gas industry;
  • extending spare parts storage and resourcing the mostly used parts of rotating equipment brands;
  • collaboration with the consulting engineering projects, technology preparation and oil and gas equipment inspection;
  • cooperative execution of engineering, supply and installation construction projects;
  • research and industrial projects in alternative fuels and clean transportation;
  • doing activities such as constructing fuel stations and providing engineering service abroad in neighbor countries, with the support of the related governmental sector;
  • developing organized operations of CNG stations.