Tarh Gostar Pouyesh (TGP)

due to its director board and technicians’ long experimental background in CNG industry, is one of leading and technologically developed companies in this industry.

TGP is a reliable and knowledge-based company in executing industrial and development projects by design, codification of technology, production, and taking the control of the process inside and out of the country.

Tarh Gostar Pouyesh has long been in CNG industry with its knowledgeable manager and experienced technicians since the first CNG stations were developed in the country. Its experience includes purchase, transfer of technology, domestic manufacturing and assembling, equipment installation and project commission based on the production and safety international criteria and standards of developed and high-tech countries.

Also, TGP, having experts and capable and trained staff in and out of the country, is able to renovate and operate any kind of compressor as soon as possible. In addition, our team, having stations’ standard parts in hand, is able to easily and quickly resolve the daily problems that might happen in stations.

With regard to the part production, it is noteworthy that Tarh Gostar Pouyesh has started to design, manufacture, and assemble the dispenser registers which are to be used after a while in stations. Furthermore, various parts such as nozzles and compressor plate valves are produced by this company.


Financial station

Turnover of more than 300 milliard Rials annually, while maintaining high quality and accuracy in the project execution


Technical knowledge

Dozens of certificates from international reliable companies- received by our experienced directors


Scope of service

The experience of executing projects in all the provinces of the country. We have several reputable partners in Europe, too


Human resources

More than 150 technician and operators as well as administrative, legal, and financial personnel residing in various sites in the country



To respond and send technicians to different locations in the country as soon as possible


Experimental background

More than 250 contracts with municipalities, regions’ distributing offices, Hesa, Technotaz, Mapna, etc.

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